Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Be Happy to Win a Little a Lot

When I was a young journalist getting paid to attend up to four race meetings a week it was always my goal to try to turn $50 into $5,000.
Obviously that did not happen to often because like the vast majority of punters I lost more times than I won my battle with the bookies.
It is only later in life that I have realised there is no need to try and win $5000 every time I have a punt.
My thinking about punting started to change a few years ago when I purchased an ebook called
Place Betting On Horses With My Mathematical Formula. This ebook taught me that by picking out a few horses that I thought could win and backing them for a place you can win handsomely for little investment.
Just recently I invested $25 in a multi bet with an online bookmaker in Australia and got back $210 when all five horses managed to finish in the first three.
Another interesting ebook which supports my favoured betting policy these days is called
How To "Place Bet" On Favourites For A Living. This excellent ebook outlines seven rules you can use to find the best favourites to back out of the 33% of all favourites that win races.
In October 2006 I launched my own website which provides free place betting selections almost every day of the week.
For bet4place I scan all the main race meetings throughout Australia looking for superior horses runnings against inferior opposition.
I then recommend you back the selected horses mainly for the place.
Alternatively, some bet4place followers like to include a win component in their wager. For example 20% of their bet for the win and 80% for the place.
In Australia there is a variety of online bookmakers that provide excellent websites to bet through.
I currently utilise IASbet, Sportsbet and SportingBet.
Sportsbet is particularly attractive for place betting because they tend to offer the best odds for place dividends. All three bookies offer attractive sign up bonuses when you establish an account so its worth opening up an account with each of them.
Recently I launched another horse racing selection website -
Bet4value is designed to assist recreational punters who like to have the occasional bet and prefer to back runners that are not the favourites.
Another horse racing website I launched recently is This site provides a directory of Australian racehorse trainers who have their own websites.

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